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Chakra candles


      What is a Chakra? 

      Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning Wheel of Energy. These energy wheels work together in balance, keeping the human body, mind and spirit integral and healthy. There are seven major points of spiritual power in the body each at a specific location, with the root chakra at the bottom, the crown at the top, and others in between.

      Each chakra has a specific role, none are more important than the other.

      The 1st Chakra is the lower and most dense.  The 5 lower Chakras relate to physical body functions; the 6th Chakra re.  The 7th Chakra is the highest and most subtle and relates to pure spiritual consciousness.  The GOAL is to keep the Chakras open and balanced with energies that are positive (like light and sound), and to correct the negative energy effects that can block the harmonious flow of Life Force Energy.