Collection: Cone Candles

Cone Candles come in a wide variety of either multiple solid colours or 6 Chunk Glimmer patterns and are fragrance free.  Both of these types of Cone Candles are extremely popular with are customers!

Chunk Cone Candles may drip where the chunks join and, therefore, should be placed on a plate while burning.

Our handmade Cone Candles are of the highest quality and made from the highest quality Canadian paraffin wax and natural cotton wicks. 

Cone Candles are available in 3 base sizes:

Small Cone - 2"D x 12"H

Medium Cone - 2 1/2"D x 15"H

Large Cone - 3 1/4"D x 12"H

We welcome custom colour requests, as well as, custom dimension orders.  Please call 1-250-207-5711 or Contact Us for custom pricing and placing your custom order. 

Visit our Tip, Care & Safety page.

 Note: Our Wholesale discount is not available on our website to event planners, restaurants, retailers, etc.  Kindly contact us directly to discuss same.

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Never leave a burning candle unattended!