Candlesticks ~ Small & Large

No candle collection or camping trip; would be complete without a hearty stock of our versatile Candlesticks.  FBCC's smaller Candlesticks (also widely known as Emergency Candle) are only available fragrance free.  They are smokeless, drip a fair amount and burn approximately 7 hours per each stick.  

If you are seeking either scented or the ulmighty "over the wine bottle and onto the table" kind of drip, then our large candlesticks are the way to go.  FBCC's large Candlesticks are available in fragrance free or scented and drip from start to finish!!  

No matter which route you choose either are wonderful for a casual dinner at home, romantic cabin nights, picnic sites and to have handy for an impromptu dinner; however one chooses to use our Candlesticks, their glow will warm up any occasion.