7/8"D x 10"H, Variegated Tapers, 2 package sizes, 14 base colours, fragrance free


Variegated Tapers are so fun and unique that you will want a pair in every of the 14 base colours!   When ordering Variegated Tapers, please choose 1 (one) base colour ONLY.  This is the main base colour, as our finishing process creates the white variegation.

Note: colours & finished results may vary, as each hand dipped Variegated Taper is original!

These tapers are fragrance free, hand dipped and finished in a nature inspired variegated pattern. 

Available in 2 package sizes:

2 pair Gift Box (4 singles);

6 pair box (12 singles)

Dimensions: 7/8"D x 10"H

Burn time: approximately 1 hour per inch per Taper

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