Collection: Hurricane Candles

Hurricane Candles are truly individual, just like snowflakes, no two are identical. They are large shells, that were designed to be a candle holder!  Instantly enjoy candle ambiance by lighting a small candlestick or pillar candle and placing it inside the Hurricane Candle.  By doing so, these unique candles will always be a shell, creating the most beautiful of candle holders and are perfect for outside burning as the flame is protected from drafts. 

Hurricane Candles are hand poured from the finest Canadian paraffin wax, with natural cotton wicks. 

For a Custom Hurricane Picture Candles, send us your picture or colours and we will take care of the rest!  This type of candle is also known as a "Memory Candle", as they represent moments or people that are special to us, whether it is a loved one we have lost, a birth, a wedding, a birthday or even a special pet.  Please allow 10 business days, from the date order and picture is received, to shipping date.

We welcome custom colour requests, as well as, custom dimension orders.  Please call 1-250-207-5711 or Contact Us for custom pricing and placing your custom order. 

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Never leave a burning candle unattended!