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We are proud to share the following links with our customers. Check back often, as we will be adding many more links in the future.  If you are interested in adding your site link below, please contact us and we will be happy to chat with you!

Cedar Expressions by Light Line Design

Cedar Expressions™ are custom artworks made from cedar shingles.  Whether installed as an exterior accent or as an interior design feature, this decorative shingle detailing is worthy of pride and attention.  Cedar Expressions™ art is available as a home-assembly "Craftsman Kit",  or pre-assembled for ease of installation.

Below is a link to an excellent article, published in the Comox Valley Record, which introduces Randy Lauzon and his unique and very sought after "Cedar Expressions" works. 

Tin Cup Art By Lori Schiersmann

Lori is a self-taught artist who started decorative painting through tole painting in the mid-1990’s.  She soon discovered the “One Stroke” technique and, in her usual style, used a book to teach herself to paint fabulous flowers with 2 colours on one brush allowing for no more hi-lighting, dry brushing, floating or transferring patterns.  Painting ‘freehand’ made Lori feel like a ‘real’ painter! She has excelled and is often asked by others to teach them her methods.