Linda H.

"Donalda has established a manufacturing facility that allows for talented creation of hand crafted candles,  yet incorporated enough mechanization to meet every customer's time schedule.  She has mastered the simple, elegant designs and created new unique decor items!"

Michael B.

"Donalda is a complete professional who delivers as promised.  The products made by her company are excellent and the prices are great."

Alysha C.

"Donalda is a very creative and enthusiastic entrepreneur.  She worked hard to create a candle business in the Comox Valley, where she has built a beautiful shop where every candle is handmade.  Donalda takes a lot of pride in her work trying to create new candles for the seasons and custom orders as well.  The candles are beautiful and are made from high quality products. As a committed customer, I highly recommend Donalda and Fanny Bay Candle Company since I have seen the hard work that is put into each and every candle and I have enjoyed burning them too." 

Matt D.

"Donalda is a skilled and creative designer, combined with great business and customer service assets.  I received her products in November and they were a wonderful addition to our home through the Christmas season.  Unique and quality designs are essential for good businesses.  Purchasing candles through a specialized designer like Donalda will give your business a special charm all its own." 

Deborah D.

"Donalda is a true professional. She has extremely high standards with her candles. They are always perfect in detail. Donalda's candles burn for several hours and they don't drip. I won't purchase candles from anyone else after experiencing her products. I would recommend Donalda and her candles from Fanny Bay Candle Company highly to anyone who is seeking a superior product." 

Melynda O.

"Donalda supplied us with a creative product not available anywhere else with good value, personal service and reliability.  She walks the talk." 

Darlene D.

“Donalda makes beautiful, high quality candles in almost any shape or size.  She welcomes your custom orders too!  I know you will love her candles.

Ted M.

"Donalda is highly recommended especially for her talent in design work, she is very efficient, just give her the job and she will have it completed on time and to your satisfaction." 

Rob H.

"Fanny Bay Candle Company’s designs are interesting and well made.  Donalda is a reliable supplier and her candles sell well." 

Bonnie D.

"Donalda is constantly creating a wonderful product.  Her candles are unique, beautiful and of the highest quality.  She can also produce custom made candle products in just about any design you may want."