Twisted Sisters taper candles,100% Hand Dipped, 7/8"D x 10"H, fragrance free


Twisted Sisters taper candles are funky and unique, with each pair being 100% hand dripped in the 4 base colours of blue, red, green and yellow. 

As these tapers are twisted throughout the dipping process, each Taper forms it own individual colour pattern.  Your base colour choice is the most dominant colour in taper!

Twisted Sisters may drip and should be used in a holder, with a wax catcher, to save that table cloth or surface and be safe. 

Twisted Sisters are fragrance free. 

Twisted Sisters are available in 2 package sizes:

gift set (4 singles)

6 pair box (12 singles)

Dimensions: 7/8"D x 10”H

Burn time: approximately an hour per inch per Taper

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