7/8"D x 10"H, Drizzle Tapers, 2 package sizes, 4 colour patterns, fragrance free


Drizzle Tapers are so individual, you will want a pair in the 4 colour patterns available!   These tapers are fragrance free, hand dipped and finished in a decorated drizzle (or drip) pattern.  Our handmade Drizzles are of the highest quality 100% Canadian paraffin wax and natural cotton wicks.  When burned under normal conditions these tapers are dripless and smokeless, with a long lasting burn time of an hour per inch per Taper.     

Available in 2 package sizes: 2 pair gift box (4 singles) or a 6 pair box (12 singles)

Dimensions: 7/8"D x 10"H

Burn time: approximately 1 hour per inch per Taper