Collection: "Climate Change" pillar burns into Hurricane candle holder, 4 1/4" x 6"

Climate Change pillar candles are hand poured and created by the skillful hands of our Chandler, in a free art form, in many beautiful colours and styles, no two are the same! 

I don't think anyone can deny anymore that our climate is definitely changing.  Our universe changes every split second and is out of our control.  Responsible stewardship of our lands and seas are very important to help slow natures process down. 

They are handmade and poured from the highest quality Canadian paraffin wax and natural cotton wicks. 

With some attention to the burning these candles become a Hurricane
candle holder.  Visit our Tip, Care & Safety page 

Available in fragrance fee only.

Dimensions: 4 1/4"D x 6"H 

Burn Time: approximately 10 hours per inch

We welcome custom colour requests, as well as, custom dimension orders.  Please call 1-250-207-5711 or Contact Us for custom pricing and placing your custom order.