FBCC's Charter
 All of our candles are 100% hand made with the highest quality of raw materials, which are sourced in Canada.
 Our mission is to supply superb candles made only with all natural materials. We hand pour and hand finish all of our candles, which results in beautiful amazing candles.
 We craft candles in many colours, shapes and sizes. Our classic tapers have brilliant colour finishes, which results in clean and dripless burns.

 FBCC has a commitment to our Earth and we consistently seek new ways to reduce our footprint. Most recently we have worked towards not labeling each and every individual candle. This has resulted in a reduction of shipping materials and the need of transportation for that material. 
 Our cotton lead free wicks, many scents and superior wax, produce a candle that you will be proud to buy and a candle that we are very proud to sell. Please be sure to check out our large selection of candles and check back often, as we are adding new candle lines to this website on an almost daily bases. Please CONTACT US if you do not find what you are looking for, or email us, if you would prefer to place a custom order.


Here are just some of the main different handmade candle we produce, many more inside, enjoy.