Coming very soon... "Earth, Fire, Water & Wind Pillars"

Our mission is to supply amazing fragrance free and scented high quality and competitively priced handmade candles.  

We craft impressive candles that make perfect presents, will dress-up a mantle or beautifully decorate a special occasion.  

We also provide candles to wholesale retail customers and restaurants. 

As we source, from Canada, refined 100% paraffin wax, natural cotton wicks and pure beeswax, our long burning finished candles range from classy and timeless to trendy.

We love working one-on-one with our customers, welcome custom orders and enjoy a challenge!  

We offer workshops throughout the year and host awesome candle making birthday parties, parties of any occasion or theme, events, shop tours and workshops.

We have a commitment to our Earth and we consistently seek new ways to reduce our footprint.  

Please check back often, as we regularly add new products.  We hope you enjoy our website!