Square Pillars

Square Pillars are majestic and bold.  They come in three different sizes and are sturdy,  yet elegant.

Rustic Square Pillars have a textured surface ranging from lightly pearlized to a rough almost leathery pitted surface. FBCC's Rustic Pillars are available in 24 Fragrance Free colours.  Handmade and hand finished, these high quality Pillars have superior burn time, 100% top quality paraffin wax and natural cotton wicks.

 Burn time - approximately 10 hours per inch.  It is very important with pillars to establish your melt pool during the first burn, please visit our Tips & Care page to get tips on attaining your best burn.

 All of our candles are 100% hand made with high-quality raw materials. We craft custom candles that are durable, long lasting and have brilliant colour finishes, resulting in long burning candles. Our mission is to supply superb quality handmade candles. We hand pour finish and produce candles of all shapes and sizes. FBCC has a commitment to our Earth and consistently seek new ways to reduce our footprint. Most recently we have been working towards not labeling each individual product. Our cotton lead-free wicks, quality scents and superior wax, produce a candle that you can be proud to buy and Fanny Bay Candle Company is proud to sell.